Galvanising Girls for Development?

Critiquing the Shift from ‘Smart’ to ‘Smarter Economics’ (2016)

Chant, Sylvia
in Progress in Development Studies, 16:4

This paper traces the mounting interest in, and visibility of, girls and young women in development policy, especially since the turn of the 21st century when a ‘Smart Economics’ rationale for promoting gender equality and female empowerment has become ever more prominent and explicit.

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Female Household Headship as an Asset?

Interrogating the Intersections of Urbanisation, Gender and Domestic Transformations (2016)

Chant, Sylvia
in Caroline Moser (ed.) Gender, Asset Accumulation and Just Cities: Pathways to Transformation (Routledge: London), 21-39

The focus of this chapter is female household headship, which appears to be increasing in the context of ongoing urbanisation in the Global South, and has frequently been the subject of quite heated debate about what this means for women and well- being.

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Women, Girls and World Poverty

Empowerment, Equality or Essentialism? (2016)

Chant, Sylvia
in International Development Planning Review, 38:1, 1-24
(Zed: London)
Selected as Editor’s Choice as ‘influential paper’ February 2016 and made open access for 3 months.

Can the targeting of women and girls in anti-poverty interventions not only provide them with a pathway out of poverty, but also promote gender equality and female empowerment in developing countries?

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Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South

Towards a Feminised Urban Future (2016)

Chant, Sylvia and McIlwaine, Cathy
Routledge: London. 312pp.
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