Dimensions and Dynamics of the Gambian Diaspora in the Digital Age (2015)

Chant, Sylvia
in Nando Sigona, Alan Gamlen, Giulia Liberatore and Hélène Neveu Kringelbach (eds) Diasporas Reimagined (Oxford Diasporas Programme: Oxford), 51-62.

The tiny West African nation of The Gambia allegedly possesses a diasporic population of approximately 70,000. is represents around 4 per cent of the national total, making e Gambia’s net migration rate (migrants per 1,000 people) the tenth highest in Africa.

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Women in Cities: Prosperity or Poverty?

A Need for Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Spatial Analysis (2015)

Chant, Sylvia and Datu, Kerwin
in Charlotte Lemanski and Colin Marx (eds) The City in Urban Poverty (Palgrave Macmillan: Houndmills, Basingstoke), 39-63

Urbanisation is often celebrated as a gateway to expanded economic,social and political opportunities for women, as well as greater possibili- ties for independent upward mobility.

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The ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ (2015)

A Reflection 20 Years After Beijing

Chant, Sylvia
UNRISD Think Piece: ‘Let’s Talk About Women’s Rights 20 Years After the Beijing Platform for Action’
  • Challenging Patriarchy: Unsettling Men and Masculinities (reprinted article originally published in IDS Bulletin, 31:2, 7-17, 2000)

This think piece interrogates the conceptual and empirical currency of a ‘feminization of poverty’ which effectively assumed the status of ‘global orthodoxy’ at the Fourth Women’s World Conference in Beijing in 1995

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Gambian Diaspora

Signs of Separation and Symbiosis (2015)

Chant, Sylvia
Africa at LSE Blog

Travelling abroad to the West may be high risk, but it is one many Gambians are prepared to take in the pursuit of better economic opportunities. In this post, LSE’s Sylvia Chant explores the routes abroad for some Gambians and how they make their way back.

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Routledge Major Works on Gender, Poverty and Development (2015)


chant and beet ham vol

Chant, Sylvia and Beetham, Gwendolyn (2015)
Routledge: London. 1924 pp.

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