Qué Tan Problemática es la ‘Femenización de la Pobreza’ en Costa Rica? Reflexiones Con Referencia a Un Estudio Cualitativo en Guanacaste

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Gender and Manufacturing Employment

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(Reprinted chapter originally published in Sylvia Chant and Cathy McIlwaine, Women of a Lesser Cost: Female Labour, Foreign Exchange and Philippine Development,Pluto: London/ Ateneo University Press:Quezon City , pp.129-71,1995)

Globalising Initiatives for Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction: Exploring ‘Failure’ with Reference to Education and Work Among Urban Youth in The Gambia and Ghana

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The ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ in Costa Rica: To What Extent a Conundrum?

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Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol, 28, No.1,pp.19-44

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Geographies of Development in the 21st Century

An Introduction to the Global South (2009)

Chant, Sylvia and McIlwaine, Cathy
Edward Elgar: Cheltenham/Northampton MA. 384pp.
‘Book of the month’, Elgar’s Politics, Public and Social Policy website, January 2009.
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