The Curious Question of Feminising Poverty in Costa Rica

The Importance of Gendered Subjectivities (2008)

Chant, Sylvia
LSE Gender Institute New Working Paper Series, Issue 22, 96pp

Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the Global South where there is apparently ‘hard’ evidence that poverty is ‘feminising’.

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Kobieta jaki glowa gospodarstwa domowego: niewzrusone przekonania a codzienna rzeczywistosc

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
Biblioteka online Think Tank Feministycznego

Polish translation of chapter originally published asWomen-headed Households: Global Orthodoxies and Grassroots Realities’, in Haleh Afshar and Stephanie Barrientos (eds),  Women, Globalisation and Fragmentation in the Developing World, Macmillan: Basingstoke, pp.91-130 (1999).

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Beyond Incomes: A New Take on the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
Poverty In Focus (Online Newsletter of United Nations Development Programme[UNDP] International Poverty Centre) (January), No.13

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Single-Parent Families: Choice or Constraint? The Formation of Female-Headed Households in Mexican Shanty Towns

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
in Stuart Corbridge (ed.) Development: Critical Essays in Human Geography
(Ashgate: Aldershot),pp.111-32
(Reprinted article originally published In Development and Change Vol. 16 No.4, pp.635-56, 1985).

Dangerous Equations? How Women-headed Households Became the Poorest of the Poor: Causes, Consequences and Cautions

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
in Janet Momsen (ed.) Gender and Development: Critical Concepts in Development Studies Vol 1, Theory and Classics
(Routledge: London)
(reprinted article originally published in IDS Bulletin,Vol 35, No.4,  pp. 19-26, 2004).

The Informal Sector and Employment

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
in Vandana Desai and Robert Potter (eds), The Companion to Development Studies, 2nd edition
(Hodder Arnold: London), pp.216-24.

The ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ and the ‘Feminisation’ of Anti-Poverty Programmes: Room for Revision?

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
Journal of Development Studies, Vol.44, No.2, pp.165-97.

Women, Gender and the Informal Economy: An Assessment of ILO Research and Suggested Ways Forward

Chant, Sylvia with Pedwell, Carolyn (2008)
(Geneva: ILO) 56pp.


[Also published in Spanish as Las Mujeres, El Género y La Economía Formal: Evaluación de los Estudios de la OIT y Orientaciones Sobre El Trabajo Futuro, 60pp,]


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