Revisiting the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ and the UNDP Gender Indices (2006)

What Case for a Gendered Poverty Index?

Chant, Sylvia
LSE Gender Institute, New Series Working Paper, Issue 18, London, 91 pp.

…the main aims of this paper are three-fold. The first is to draw attention to existing conceptual and methodological weaknesses with the ‘feminisation of poverty’. The second is to offer some thoughts on how the ‘feminisation of poverty’ could be re-cast to more effectively capture trends in gendered privation among the poor. The third is to propose directions for the kinds of data and indicators which might be incorporated within the GDI or GEM, or used in the creation of a Gendered Poverty Index (GPI)

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‘Desintegración Familiar’ o ‘Transición Familiar’? Perspectivas sobre Cambio Familiar en Guanacaste

Chant, Sylvia with Moreno, Wagner (2006)
Diálogos Revista Electrónica de Historia – Special issue: ‘Historia, Política, Literatura y Relaciones de Género en América Central y México, Siglos XVIII, XIX y XX’ (Universidad de Costa Rica, San José), 5:1 (March 2004 – February 2005)


¿Cómo Podemos Hacer que la ‘Femenización de la Pobreza’ Resulte Más Relevante en Materia de Políticas? ¿Hacia una ‘Femenización de la Responsabilidad y la Obligación’?

(How Can we Make the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ More Policy Relevant? Towards a ‘Feminisation of Responsibility and Obligation’?)

Chant, Sylvia (2006)
in UNFPA/GTZ Cohesión Social, Políticas Conciliatorias y Presupuesto Público: Una Mirada desde el Género
(UNFPA: Mexico City), pp.201-33.

Re-thinking the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ in Relation to Aggregate Gender Indices

Chant, Sylvia (2006)
Journal of Human Development, Vol 7, No 2, pp.201-20.

Female Household Headship, Privation and Power: Challenging the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ Thesis

Chant, Sylvia (2006)
in Patricia Fernández Kelly and Jon Shefner (eds), Out of the Shadows: Political Action and the Informal Economy in Latin America
(Penn State University Press: Philadelphia), pp.125-63.

Contributions of a Gender Perspective to the Analysis of Poverty

Chant, Sylvia (2006)
in Jane Jaquette and Gale Summerfield (eds) Women and Gender Equity in Development Theory and Practice: Institutions, Resources and Mobilisation
(Duke University Press: Durham, North Carolina), pp.87-106.

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