Female Headship and the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
In Focus
(Online Newsletter of  United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] International Poverty Centre) (May), No. 3,pp. 3-5

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Migrations Intérieures et Internationales des Philippines: Leurs Effets dans les Régions de Départ

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
in Christine Verschuur and Fenneke Reysoo (eds) Genre, Nouvelle Division Internationale du Travail et Migrations,Cahiers Genre et Développement,
5, L’Harmattan (IUED, efi: Geneva), pp. 145-55

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Men in Crisis?

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
in Steven Palmer and Iván Molina (eds) The Costa Rica Reader: History, Culture, Politics
(Duke University Press: Durham, North Carolina), pp.350-8
(Reprinted abridged version of article originally published in European Journal  of  Development Research, Vol 12, No 2, pp.199-218, 2000).

Dangerous Equations? How Women-headed Households Became the Poorest of the Poor: Causes, Consequences and Cautions

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
IDS Bulletin, Vol 35, No.4
(Special issue ‘Repositioning Feminisms in Development’), pp.19-26.

Women-headed Households

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
in Tim Forsyth (ed.), Routledge Encyclopaedia of International Development
(Routledge:London), pp.761-3.


Chant, Sylvia (2004)
in Tim Forsyth (ed.), Routledge Encyclopaedia of International Development
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Urban Livelihoods, Employment and Gender

Chant, Sylvia (2004)
in Robert Gwynne and Cristóbal Kay (eds) Latin America Transformed, 2nd ed.
(Arnold: London), pp.210-31.

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