The ‘Engendering’ of Poverty Analysis in Developing Regions (2003)

Progress Since the United Nations Decade For Women, and Priorities for the Future

Chant, Sylvia
LSE Gender Institute, New Series Working Paper, Issue 11, London, 66pp.

This paper is based on preliminary work for a three-year programme of investigation into ‘Gender, Poverty and Development: Intergenerational and Household Dynamics’. It also draws on a paper prepared for the Women and Development Unit of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Female Household Headship and the Feminisation of Poverty (2003)

Facts, Fictions and Forward Strategies

Chant, Sylvia
LSE Gender Institute, New Working Paper Series, Issue 9, London, 65pp.


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¿‘Desintegración Familiar’ o ‘Transición Familiar’? Perspectivas sobre Cambio Familiar en Guanacaste

Chant, Sylvia with Moreno, Wagner (2003)
Revista del Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social,
San José, Costa Rica (May 2003)

Families on the Verge of Breakdown? Views on Contemporary Trends in Family Life in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Chant, Sylvia (2003)
in Cecilia Menjívar (ed.), Through the Eyes of Women: Gender, Social Networks, Family Change in_Latin America and the Caribbean
(De Sitter Publications: Ontario), pp.112-51.

New Contributions to the Analysis of Poverty: Methodological and Conceptual Challenges to Understanding Poverty from a Gender Perspective

Chant, Sylvia (2003)
Comisión Económica para América Latina (CEPAL), Unidad Mujer y Desarrollo, Serie 47, Santiago de Chile, 66pp
[Also published in Spanish as Nuevos Contribuciones a la Análisis de la Pobreza: Desafíos Metodológicos y Conceptuales para Entender la Pobreza desde una Perspectiva de Género, 78pp]

Gender in Latin America

Chant, Sylvia in association with Craske, Nikki
Latin America Bureau: London/Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 315pp.

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