The ‘Feminisation of Poverty’ (2015)

A Reflection 20 Years After Beijing

Chant, Sylvia
UNRISD Think Piece: ‘Let’s Talk About Women’s Rights 20 Years After the Beijing Platform for Action’
  • Challenging Patriarchy: Unsettling Men and Masculinities (reprinted article originally published in IDS Bulletin, 31:2, 7-17, 2000)

This think piece interrogates the conceptual and empirical currency of a ‘feminization of poverty’ which effectively assumed the status of ‘global orthodoxy’ at the Fourth Women’s World Conference in Beijing in 1995

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Gambian Diaspora

Signs of Separation and Symbiosis (2015)

Chant, Sylvia
Africa at LSE Blog

Travelling abroad to the West may be high risk, but it is one many Gambians are prepared to take in the pursuit of better economic opportunities. In this post, LSE’s Sylvia Chant explores the routes abroad for some Gambians and how they make their way back.

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From ‘Woman-blind’ to ‘Man-kind’ (2014)

Should Men Have More Space in Gender and Development?

Chant, Sylvia
IDS Virtual Bulletin

  1. Challenging Patriarchy: Unsettling Men and Masculinities (reprinted article originally published in IDS Bulletin, 31:2, 7-17, 2000)

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Gender and Poverty Interventions (2014)

5 Ways to Get it Right in 2015

Mother and daughters eke a living from street food

Chant, Sylvia and Beetham, Gwendolyn

In 1975, the United Nations held the first World Conference on Women in Mexico City. Planned to coincide with the U.N.’s International Women’s Year, the gathering triggered an explosion in research on gender around the globe, with poverty featuring prominently.

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Gender, Urban Development and the Politics of Space

Chant, Sylvia and McIlwaine, Cathy (2013)
e-International Relations

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Urban Prosperity Doesn’t Automatically Mean Gender Equality

Chant, Sylvia and Datu, Kerwin (2011)
The Global Urbanist (September)

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Kobieta jaki glowa gospodarstwa domowego: niewzrusone przekonania a codzienna rzeczywistosc

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
Biblioteka online Think Tank Feministycznego

Polish translation of chapter originally published asWomen-headed Households: Global Orthodoxies and Grassroots Realities’, in Haleh Afshar and Stephanie Barrientos (eds),  Women, Globalisation and Fragmentation in the Developing World, Macmillan: Basingstoke, pp.91-130 (1999).

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Beyond Incomes: A New Take on the ‘Feminisation of Poverty’

Chant, Sylvia (2008)
Poverty In Focus (Online Newsletter of United Nations Development Programme[UNDP] International Poverty Centre) (January), No.13

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Women and health – poor women in cities suffer most

Chant, Sylvia (2007)
Habitat Debate, 13:4, 7 Abbreviated report by UN-Habitat of my paper Addressing Gender Inequalities in Cities of the South: What Role for the Millennium Development Goals?’,  prepared for UNU-WIDER conference ‘Beyond the Tipping Point: Development in an Urban World’, LSE, October 2007

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‘Desintegración Familiar’ o ‘Transición Familiar’? Perspectivas sobre Cambio Familiar en Guanacaste

Chant, Sylvia with Moreno, Wagner (2006)
Diálogos Revista Electrónica de Historia – Special issue: ‘Historia, Política, Literatura y Relaciones de Género en América Central y México, Siglos XVIII, XIX y XX’ (Universidad de Costa Rica, San José), 5:1 (March 2004 – February 2005)


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