Women, Gender and the Informal Economy: An Assessment of ILO Research and Suggested Ways Forward

Chant, Sylvia with Pedwell, Carolyn (2008)
(Geneva: ILO) 56pp.


[Also published in Spanish as Las Mujeres, El Género y La Economía Formal: Evaluación de los Estudios de la OIT y Orientaciones Sobre El Trabajo Futuro, 60pp,]


New Contributions to the Analysis of Poverty: Methodological and Conceptual Challenges to Understanding Poverty from a Gender Perspective

Chant, Sylvia (2003)
Comisión Económica para América Latina (CEPAL), Unidad Mujer y Desarrollo, Serie 47, Santiago de Chile, 66pp
[Also published in Spanish as Nuevos Contribuciones a la Análisis de la Pobreza: Desafíos Metodológicos y Conceptuales para Entender la Pobreza desde una Perspectiva de Género, 78pp]



Gender Aspects of Urban Economic Growth and Development

Chant, Sylvia (1997)
Working Paper No.137, United Nations University, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki, 52pp.

Community Leadership and Self-Help Housing

Chant, Sylvia with Peter Ward (1987)
In Progress in Planning Vol 27, Part 2.
(Draft for Technical Report commissioned by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT), Nairobi, Nov 1985.) 67pp.*

Mainstreaming Men into Gender and Development:

Debates, Reflections and Experiences

Chant, Sylvia with Gutmann, Matthew (2000)
Oxfam: Oxford, 60pp.

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Gender, Urban Development and Housing

Chant, Sylvia (1995)
Publications Series for Habitat II, Volume 2,
United Nations Development Programme, New York. 73pp.

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